Last updated: 13.12.23

Thank you for visiting MeDeMAP’s website. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, and protect information gathered through your use of our website and interactions with our social media channels. By accessing and using our site, you agree to the terms outlined in this policy.

    1.1. is the official website of the MeDEMAP – Mapping media for Future Democracies project (funded by the European Union Horizon Europe Programme) managed by OESTERREICHISCHE AKADEMIE DER WISSENSCHAFTEN (the Austrian Academy of Sciences), within a consortium of 10 partners across Europe, who respect the privacy of its users (hereinafter “Users”). The website is managed by COFAC/ Lusófona University (hereinafter “Lusófona University”).
    1.2. Lusófona University deals with the personal data transmitted to it in accordance with the legislation in force, and in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of 25 May 2018 and its executive decrees.
    1.3. Access to the (hereinafter “the Website”) implies full and unconditional acceptance by the user of this Privacy Policy (hereinafter “the Privacy Policy”).
    1.4. The User acknowledges having read the information below and authorizes Lusófona University to deal, in accordance with what is specified below, with the personal data he/she/they communicates on/to the Website within the framework of the service proposed by Lusófona University.
    1.5. By providing information to Users, Lusófona University may be required to amend and adapt the Privacy Policy, to comply with any new applicable legislation and / or regulations, the guidelines, recommendations and good practice of the European Data Protection Committee and the decisions of courts and tribunals in this field.
    1.6. The Privacy Policy is valid for all the hosted pages on the Website and for the savings of this Website. It is not valid for the hosted pages by third parties that Lusófona University may redirect to and where their privacy policies may differ. Lusófona University cannot be held responsible for any data processed on these Websites or by them.
    2.1. Access to the Website shall in principle be possible without having to provide personal data (e.g., surname, first name, postal address, e-mail address, sector of activity and occupation).
    2.2. However, as part of the Service, the User may be required to transmit certain personal data. In such case, the organisations in charge of processing these data are: Lusófona University – Campo Grande, 376, 1749-024 LISBOA
    2.3. Any question or request concerning the processing of these data may be addressed to the following address:
    3.1. Personal Information:
    Upon newsletter subscription, the website collects the user’s name and email address.
    Downloading project deliverables may entail providing information such as name, email address, and organization.
    3.2. Automatically Collected Information:
    Technologies like cookies are employed to gather data about browsing preferences, device type, and IP addresses, enhancing user experience and improving website functionality.
    3.3. Social Media Interaction:
    Engagement with our content on linked social media platforms may result in the collection of information from the user’s social media profile, including username, profile picture, and interactions with our posts.
    4.1. “COOKIES”
    In order to facilitate browsing the Website and optimize technical management, the Website may use “cookies”. A “cookie” is a small file that contais information saved by a website on the computer or an application on the user’s smartphone. This “cookie” can be retrieved during a subsequent visit to the same application or website. The “cookie” cannot be read by another website than the one that created it. The Website uses “cookies” for the purposes of good administration of the Website, to save the User’s browsing preferences, or to obtain information on the visited pages and the dates and times of visit. Most “cookies” only work for a session or a single visit. It is possible for the User to set up his browser to be informed during each creation of “cookie” or to prevent their saving, individually or not. However, disabling cookies may prevent access to certain parts of the Website or making access more difficult.
    Subject to the prior consent of the User, the Website may also allow the use of third-party cookies, including the following:
    • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn: The Website uses the social modules of social network providers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. These modules establish a direct connection to the server of the social network via the User’s browser. The social network provider on which the User has clicked receives information that the User has visited the Website. If the User is registered and identified on the relevant social network, the provider can correlate the profile of the User with the visited website. The network provider can then establish future interactions. If the User is not registered with the social network, the provider can save the IP address of the User. In order to avoid transferring these data to the social network provider, the User must not click on the button corresponding to the social network.
    • Google Analytics: The Website also uses Google Analytics. This service, offered by Google, analyses the activity of the Website. For these purposes, Google collects information related to web traffic and the number of visitors. This tool allows LUSÓFONA UNIVERSITY to measure the performance of the Website in terms of browsing and to consolidate activity reports and other services.
    Without prejudice to what has been specified under point 3.2. concerning the automatically transmitted data, the Website collects, saves and processes the personal data of its Users for the following purposes:
    • to analyse, adapt and improve the content of the Website;
    • to carry out internal statistical surveys and to deploy various statistical systems and studies;
    • to allow the User to receive messages and manage his/her/their account from different
    • devices (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.);
    • to detect and / or prevent fraud or similar activities of an illegal nature;
    • to facilitate the provision and use of the Website and improve the Services offered by Lusófona University as well as the experience of the Users;
    • to respond to requests for information;
    • for any marketing and promotions actions offered by Lusófona University to Subscribers to the Mailing List;
    • to inform them about the evolutions of the Website and its functionalities; and
    • for any other purpose for which the User has expressly consented.

The privacy policy of collected personal data in connection of specific event can be found under the event terms and conditions.

    Lusófona University considers personal data as confidential information. It shall not communicate them to third parties under conditions other than those specified in the Privacy Policy or under the conditions in which it is required by law, including the competent authorities who request it. Lusófona University may transmit to third parties the personal information of its Users insofar as this information is necessary for the execution of a contract with its Users. In such a case, such third parties shall not communicate this information to other third parties, except in one of the following two situations: (i) disclosure by these third parties of such information to their suppliers or subcontractors to the extent necessary for the performance of the contract, and (ii) where such third parties are obliged by the regulations in force to disclose certain information or documents to the competent authorities regarding the anti-money-laundering, as well as to any competent public authority in general.
    The disclosure of such information to the aforementioned persons shall in all circumstances be limited to what is strictly necessary or required by the applicable regulations.
    In order to discover new products to its users that maybe of interest to them, Lusófona University may also disclose the personal information of its Users to third parties, insofar as the Users have explicitly consented to it.
    Lusófona University does not transfer data to a country which is not a member of the European Economic Area unless it provides an adequate level of protection within the meaning of the law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy, or within the limits permitted by the same law, for example by ensuring the protection of data by appropriate contractual provisions.
    Personal data will not be used for direct marketing purposes for products or services other than those to which the User has already subscribed, unless the User has explicitly consented thereto by ticking the boxes provided for this purpose (“opt-in”). When the User has given his/her consent for the use of these information for direct marketing purposes, the User retains the right to oppose such use at any time, upon request and free of charge. To do so, the User must unsubscribe with the corresponding link by ticking the box of the Website. The User shall in all cases be responsible for the veracity of the data provided and shall inform Lusófona University of any amendments to the data.
    9.1. Lusófona University has taken the adequate measures to ensure that the servers hosting the processed personal data prevent, to the extent possible:
    the processing, access or unauthorized modification of these data; the inadequate use or disclosure of such data; and the unlawful destruction or accidental loss of such data.
    9.2. The Users undertake not to commit any acts which may be contrary to the present Privacy Policy, or, generally, the law. Offenses against the confidentiality, integrity and availability of computer systems and saved data, processed or transmitted by such systems, or the attempt to commit any of these offenses, are punishable by three months to five years’ imprisonment and by a fine of twenty-six euros to two hundred thousand euros or by one of these penalties only.
    Lusófona University will normally keep the personal data of its Users for the necessary duration for the accomplishment of the pursued purposes (see point 4). Lusófona University may also continue to maintain personal data concerning the unsubscribed User, including any correspondence or request for assistance addressed to Lusófona University, in order to be able to answer any questions or complaints that may be addressed to it.
    11.1. The Users not logged in will be required to provide consent before providing any personal data to any form on the website. Once consent is given, it is stored in a cookie on that user’s browser session. The cookie is valid for that current session, so the user does not have to consent multiple times if they are submitting multiple forms. When that cookie expires, if the user clears cookies or cookies are automatically cleared when the browser closes, the user will have to provide consent again if they are submitting a form on the website.
    11.2. In the context of logged in Users, the consent can be tied to the Member Id as opposed to a session cookie. When a logged in User gives consent, that consent is valid for 1 year from the date consent was given. The logged in Users can either acknowledge and agree to consent or deny access. If they deny consent, they will not be able to login to the site.
    11.3. The User may at any time request access, rectification or, if necessary, deletion to/ from his/her personal data, with the exception of those which Lusófona University would have a legal obligation to keep, by sending a written request accompanied by a copy of his identity card or passport to the data controller:
    at the following postal address: Lusófona University – Campo Grande, 376, 1749-024 LISBOA to the following email address
    11.4. Lusófona University will then take the necessary measures to satisfy this request as soon as possible.
    The Privacy Policy is subject to updates or modifications at any time, with changes reflected on this page and the updated date provided.